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Our Breeding Policies

 My kennel name Boxberry was registered as a prefix in 1990 with Dogs NSW.

My goal is to breed healthy, sound, characteristic and beautiful dogs who are valued family members above all. I take great pride in my puppies. I want to give them the best start in life, the best care, food, socialisation and the best new owners possible.

I only sell our pups to people who are seriously interested in the Boxer, people who value and understand the true nature of this breed. If you buy your puppy from me, you can always contact me for advice and I will try to help you as much and as well as I can. This is a life time commitment for me.

My husband and I show and train our dogs and they are health checked before they are bred. You can visit the dam of your pup and sometimes, if possible the sire. I don't allow visitors to the puppies before they are 6 weeks of age. I can provide you with copies of all health testing carried out on the parents of your new puppy.



Our Pricing Policy


Prices for Boxer puppies vary enormously, right across Australia, let alone Worldwide. Currently the mean average range from a reputable breeder in Australia would be from $2,000 to $4,000. My current prices are listed below. I do not charge more for bitches than dogs. I do not charge more for flashy pups. I do not sell my puppies without papers.  I charge the same price across the entire litter, because they all cost exactly the same in time, care, and money to rear.


The price for one of my pet puppies in Australia (i.e. not for export) at the moment is as follows:


Brindle or Red Bobtail $3,500.00 under a breeders agreement, which means you would not receive the pedigree papers until the puppy has been desexed (at your expense)

Brindle or Red Long Tail $3,500.00 with main registration pedigree papers.

White puppies (when available) $2,000.00, they have limted register pedigree papers and they are sold under a desexing agreement (at your expense).


The price includes worming, vaccination, microchipping, vet check, pedigree papers (withheld on bobtails until they are desexed), a starter supply of Royal Canin Junior & a puppy pack with all sorts of Boxer stuff. All of my puppies are raised in a home environment, and they come with a life long Health Guarantee, for genetically inherited problems. I use a company called Total Animal Logistics for all  transport requirements (at the purchaser’s expense). For an export price please contact us.


I use and recommend the Boxer range of dog food.


I guarantee that your puppy will have had all the relevant age required vaccinations, worming and microchipping by the time he/she goes home with you. All  puppies are thoroughly vet checked and if you wish our vet (Dr Rose McKean – Moorong St Veterinary Hospital) is happy to issue a certificate pertaining to your pup’s health at that time.  Dr. McKean is also available for you to talk to about your puppy from me, or just to check our credibility, if you so desire. 

The Moorong Street Vet Clinic Phone number is (02) 6921 3462.


All puppies are registered with DogsNSW our state controlling body affiliated with the Australian National Kennel Council.


My puppies are reared in the house so they become used to 'sounds', like radio, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, pots and pans, etc. They meet the adult Boxers in the house, as soon as they are able to walk. We have a very large back garden for relevant exercise for proper growth.

By 6 weeks the puppies begin full integration with the adults, during supervised play.



My Waiting List


There is almost always a waiting list for our puppies. Some of the people on the list have been waiting for years for the right pup to come their way. People on our waiting list for a puppy of a certain combination will have a better chance of purchasing one of our puppies than anybody else. Some litters may be born at the "wrong time of the year", or be the wrong genders, colours etc, so there may be a puppy or two left when the waiting list has been offered puppies first.

My waiting list is for people who have paid deposits which are non refundable. I usually advise people who do not wish to go on our waiting list to keep an eye on our website (the Kennel News page) and when they see something available that they are interested in please contact me at that time.

If you are on my waiting list you could be waiting anywhere between 6-48 months for a puppy from us, depending on your preferences of colour, sex & tail type. We currently have 34 people on our waiting list for pet puppies their first preferences are mostly for bobtails.

​​I usually keep a puppy from most litters to continue my breeding program (and retire the dam). The below list does not include people wanting show/breeding puppies, or puppies I keep. I currently have 3 people on our waiting list for show/breeding puppies.

Please note that my waiting list is currently full, and I am not presently taking any expressions of interest to join the waiting list. You are more than welcome to contact me to discuss my kennels & breeding programs, and I also welcome inspection of my facilities.

At this stage we have the following orders, this includes all preferences (as some people have more than one preference)


Red Male Bobtail -  12
Brindle Male Bobtail - 12
Red Female Bobtail - 11
Brindle Female Bobtail - 11
Red Male Long Tail - 7
Brindle Male Long Tail - 10
Red Female Long Tail - 8
Brindle Female Long Tail - 9
White Puppies - 1


The deposit required to book spot on my waiting list or secure a puppy from a current litters is $1,000.00 and as mentioned before is not refundable. If you pay a deposit and your circumstances change, I am happy to keep you on the waiting list until you are in a better position to welcome a new Boxer puppy into your family.

If you think you might change your mind, please do not pay a deposit as it will not be refunded !!!!

My preferred method of accepting deposit is by bank deposits (either via the bank or direct transfer). My prices are subject to change, if you are on the waiting list you will be notified of any changes in our pricing structure.

Once on my waiting list you will receive regular updates about my breeding plans, and once a puppy of your choice has been born you will receive weekly updates of your new family member. If you decline a puppy offered to you for any reason you will retain your position on our waiting list until we breed the puppy of your dreams.  




If there is anything you feel I have not covered here - then PLEASE -  email me with your questions.








Our Guarantee

When you purchase a puppy from me he/she will come with a life long health guarantee - if the puppy purchased from us passes away before the average life span of a Boxer (currently 10years old) from something genetically inherited I will give you a replacement puppy from our next available litter - transport not included.


Breeding or Showing

If you are interested in purchasing a puppy for breeding or showing please contact me and I will let you know if we have anything available. All our puppies are sold as pets (not for breeding/showing) unless the purchaser has made their intentions clear, and I have agreed to sell you a puppy suitable for breeding and/or showing.






Contact Details
Janet Halliday
Riverina Region, NSW, NSW, Australia
Phone : 0497271150
Email : [email protected]

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